The luxury of choice

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A few weeks ago, I started talking to a woman about my job, which got me thinking. She had a daughter who just finished studying film and TV at a University in Oslo and was now considering studying Producing in England. As proud as the mother was of her daughter who had a direction she wanted to take, she was more concerned about her choice of her direction. To the mother, studying film was apparently not considered a smart choice of study, like; economics, law or business. Because it is considered an art form (depending on who you ask), it is often advised in terms of career opportunities to consider doing something else.

I think this is a completely ridiculous frame of mind. No hate on the mother, I understand her concern: She doesn’t want to see her daughter working behind the counter of a clothing shop at age 30, still handing out CV’s to production companies. Even my own parents have often advised me (with love) to consider studying something else, just to have more legs to stand on.

However, what you choose to study or what career you wish to pursue is insignificant if your dedication is at the right place. You can become successful in every field, I think, (I hope), if you love what you, and people recognize that. You also have to be good at it of course, but that’s where the Universities come in.

I am confident that I have a million things left to learn, that can only be taught through experience and making mistakes, but I can guaranty that I’ve learned a million things for the past 5 years, through study and work. These are things most people might consider to be pointless, and I agree that some of them are. But if it can help me to become a professional in my field of work, that’s all I want. Perhaps some day people in economics, law or business will need my expertise and knowledge when they wish to share and promote their own experience to the world.

So I guess my point is this: The only right choice you can make when choosing what to study, is the choice you make yourself, regardless of money, advice from others or what your friends choose to do. (Cheesy, but true)

Several years ago, I stumbled upon this quote by Alan Watts. I have seen many films and read a large amount of books, but not ever have one simple quote made such an impact.

If you are that privilege to choose what work you wish to do, or what subject you wish to study, you are obligated to choose with some form of selfishness.

Having just turned 24, I have the most fortunate luxury of loving every Monday when it arrives. This is mostly because I always have the question in the back of my mind when faced with two signs leading me in different directions: What do I desire?



The HBO Nordic job

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Every once in a while, you stumble across an opportunity that is just too good to give away. You priorities this from everything else that occupies you normally, eating, social life, exercise and everything else. In May, such and opportunity came along to Who Dares.

The Game of Thrones exhibit was in town and we got asked to film an interview with one of the actors – John Bradley. I quickly jumped on the ball and said I would film it. Being a huge fan of the show, I would not let this opportunity slide. We called up Håkon from HBO Nordic and quickly locked in the location and time for filming. It was gonna be the next morning.

Whenever I am in charge for a production, no matter the size of it, I get this sick feeling in my stomach and I can’t eat. The night before shooting, I go over every single scenario that could go wrong – the camera blows up, i forget the memory cards, I oversleep (a common worry), I accidentally insult the actors or a part of his entourage, the client sees me as a film student and wants nothing to do with me and so on. Needless to say, I don’t get much sleep. I need to point out here – none of the things mentioned has ever happened as I can recall. However, the possibility will always be there.

The morning for the interview, me and Anine met up with the guys from HBO Nordic and starting setting up. We were all a bit nervous, but it was an easy set-up and it all went smoothly. We agreed on setting up a chair and a banner outside, with Aker Brygge in the background. There were some background noise and stuff, but nothing we couldn’t work with. John Bradley came along, we all shook hands and put a mic on him. We always shoot with two sound sources and two camera angels and I was controlling all of it during the interview. With the exception of a guy hammering and a few trucks driving past in the background, the interview went smoothly. John was a good sport and gave good answers all the way.

At the end, he shook everybody’s hands and walked off again. It is on these occasions when the job is done that the small talk begins with the client. We talked about the exhibit, which opened the next day and the plans they had for covering the opening. A simple offer can provide you with a long-lasting relationship with a really cool client “I would love to drop by and take some pics for you guys.” The offer came from me in order to skip the line for the exhibit. Håkon didn’t doubt accepting my offer and the next morning I filmed the opening of the exhibit, with John showing up, saying hi to the people outside, signing t-shirts and books for the first 100 people waiting in line. This, along with shots of the exhibit became it’s own promo video that was launched on the Sunday.

On the Monday Håkon called me again saying the video needed to be subtitled, cause it was being sent to HBO offices around the world. He also mentioned a named actor wanting to see the exhibit and do an interview on the throne – Kristofer Hivju. We quickly agreed to make a cool film about him swinging by, agreeing to keep his visit a secret. The whole stunt was planned out with Håkon and the others at the exhibit, along the rest of the Who Dares crew. Everyone was excited and wanted to take part. We drew up a map on where the car would drive, where we would have cameras whilst Hivju drove around the building. He was suppose to stuck his head out the window and throw out food to the people standing in line. It all went according to the plan until Hivju decided to jump out of the car and join the crowd…

However, both the stunt and the interview was a success. The day after we put the interview together and published it, then the day after that we published the stunt. It was the same day we headed of to Stavanger to film for the weekend. It became a very busy few days during that week, but it was worth it, seeing the end result. This is the kind of job that comes along once in a while that brings back my love for what I do and I love it now more than ever, knowing that these jobs are out there.

Filming the Wildling Kristofer Hivju for HBO Nordic

Guess an update is in order

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Since I forgot to cancel the subscription for this site, I’ll guess I’ll keep it going for another year.

I guess some things has happened since last time I posted here. Guessing it’s been about a year now. So looking back to August 2013, I was at a summer camp filming, having a jolly old time.

Back then, the filming thing was still classified as a hobby on my part, as I had a main income that didn’t involve me playing around with a toy all day. Very soon after that intense week, I went up to Trondheim and made my “first” music video for the most awesome girl in the world. Camilla Sky made a song that made all the girls cry, so of course I needed to make that into a video.

However, it still was just a hobby. For me to talk about what happened next, I need to go back a few years. When we were still in Falmouth, living each day as we saw fit, I made these event films with Mr. Chris Gordon and Big-I.

It was outside of uni work, and we made a few pounds going to parties having a blast. Way fun if that could be a full-time job, right? It would. I loved everything about those nights and often had 10 times more fun filming instead of just going as the party animal I hide away until the sun says good night. So I had just finished the music video and Camilla was happy and all was good. I had a small “office” at F5, in an attempt to separate work from home. It worked, but it destroyed my bank account. So a lot of money went out the window and not much money was coming in.

However, I wasn’t really looking for work when a friend of mine tipped me of these two guys called Who Dares. He had just come from an interview with them and recommended me to give them a call. So I did. I got called in for an interview the next day and went with not much care. For my sake, it could go both ways without affecting my life really……

My original plan was to travel, study some more and write as much as I could. That changed a bit after that interview. Sometimes, when you meet a person or you go into a flat, you get a specific feeling, like “this is it”, “I found it”. I found something I wasn’t really looking for. Inia and Taks, forming Who Dares, had done event films in Oslo for about 2 years and managed to establish a huge network of clients whilst doing so. I later realized we had started doing events around the same time, only they seemed to know what they were doing. It seemed. The “interview” went really well. I showed them two event films I had made in Falmouth (Annie Mac and The Garden Party)

At the end they both said: That’s exactly the type of videos we make as well. So they showed two of theirs, and they were right. We had done the same thing at the same time, just in different countries. Needless to say, I walk out of that interview with a new job.

My first day was three days later. I was sick and showed up 30 minutes late, so not of to a good start… There is something called the new-at-the-job syndrome, where you fuck up entirely, constantly, all the time. That happened to me. There were countless of things I just didn’t know I needed to know. I also had trouble adapting and adjusting to their workflow. Luckily, I had bosses with patience and I survived until my first paycheck.

There are constant struggles and constant challenges one has to go through when faced with a new job, and through my first year they keep coming and coming. Like the first time you are sent to a job by yourself, the first meeting with a client, your first business trip, the first time someone expects you to be a professional, even thought its a hard ask when you’re only 23. You walk around very often thinking that everyone around you knows more about everything than you do. However, you quickly figure out that’s not the case. Behind every production there are discussions, debates, people goggling what to do and people pretending to keep a strait face when in panic. That’s the main thing I’ve learned this year – amongst 1000 other things.

So since last time, I’ve managed to maintain a job within the industry I want to work, I’ve probably doubled my portfolio, made a new family of colleagues, learned skills and gained experience that allows me to call myself a professional. I’ve suffered from exhaustion three times. I’ve had 21 hour long working days, several times. I’ve met people I never thought I would meet, I’ve made contacts with people I thought would return my calls, I’ve been to places people pay to a fortune to travel to, and I got payed for it.

I’ve had the most fun I’ve ever had in my life and I can actually say I make a living out of my hobby. All because I casually walked into an interview, talking casually with two guys about filming events.

Filming the Wildling Kristofer Hivju for HBO NordicAt Landstreff i StavangerStreet Style

So I guess for the first few posts ahead I will talk about the different projects we have had at Who Dares the last year, whilst showing the results, when possible.

New project on the way

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Into the Wild

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They say that you are not a fan of a film until you have done following:

1. Watched the film 100 times or until you know all the dialogue in the film.

2. Seen all the behind the scenes footage on the DVD.

3. Read all the trivia on IMDB about the film.

4. Watched the film again with directors commentary (if available).

5. Read the book the film is based on (if available), then watched the film again to see what the left out.

6. Read the script of the film, then watched the film again to see what they left out.


A few films I have done all of the above. One of them is Into the Wild:

A perfect image of the simplicity of life cannot be portrayed better than in this film. There is a natural feel to the whole picture and the fact that the entire film is shot on location, makes this film a piece of art in my mind. If I ever could make such a film, I would be satisfied with my contribution to the industry. I would retire.

The film tells the story of Christopher McCandless, who takes off after graduating from college, on a journey across the American landscape, with nothing but a backpack of things. His goal is to live in the wild in Alaska. Alaska, Alaska. Not city Alaska.

The film takes on the subjects of materializm, solidarity, lust for travel and the hard truth behind some family lies. Many subjects are pressed up in your face and some are more suttle.


The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences.


There is a few films out there that changes your prespective of life and what things in life to priorities. It is not the film in it self that provokes those feelings, but it wakes them up and highlighs them. It puts them in discussion. That is the power that many films do not have. Into the Wild probably does not awake such emotions in everyone, but it most certainly did it with me.

What if I were smiling and running into your arms? Would you see then what I see now?

Words can be written and words can be spoken for hours and hours about this film, about this change in lifestyle and about this view on the world, but I say only this: Watch this film. Then go outside and see the world.


Bakterier – plakat

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The Future of Content Sharing

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The different ways to share your event has changed dramatically ever since a small thing called the social media saw fame online. You wish to have a 30-minute spot on The idiot box that means cash in huge amounts given out to the channel that promises you to view your advert for those five minutes in a show when people are peeing. Doesn’t really make sense, if you ask me.


What is introduced as well with content sharing online is the possibility of choice. A TV-channel will force you to follow its program and requires you to change or adapt your daily routine, so if you get lucky, you might catch that one new episode of the series you are trying to follow. On top of that, you are introduced to a bunch of products and brands that use your 1 hour of TV-viewing that evening to Life used to be hard.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone don’t even follow the view numbers on their usual Wednesday. It’s the iTunes downloads that is now being counted.

In our first season, you had to show up on Wednesday nights at 10 pm on the Comedy Channel to catch the show. Now, I don’t even know where or how people watch our show. We sort of don’t really care about ratings. It’s more important to come up with work that will add to the library in a way that we’re proud of and will make people want to catch the show wherever they want to. – Matt Stone


So by sharing content online via social media sites, you are providing a number of positives that a TV-spot cannot:

1. You are giving a choice to your audience weather to watch the video or not. And also to watch it whenever they want. The video is there and its not going anywhere.

2. You do not have to pay anyone huge sums of money for the possibility to get your video viewed.

3. You can select your own audience.

4. You can share the video a multiple of times and it causes no harm to anyone.

5. You are not shoving your video up in the face of a person. Its there in front of them if they choose to watch it. Here, again, providing a choice is a major factor in future content sharing.


So without further delays or hold ups, watch this nice video of the FXU Garden Party from 2013, if you like:


Focus on the Music

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Some things go well together, like: Pizza and coke. A surfboard and some waves. A stage and an entertainer. A pen and a paper. An early morning and a coffee. Tea and biscuits. Music and film.

Music and film satisfied both the ears and eyes. Only the nose is left unsatisfied. So music videos is then of course a very thrilling and satisfying experience. It is then problematic when a music video cuts to another image every 3 seconds. It does not give time for the eyes to know what you are watching and it does not give the ears time to know what they are listening to.


Try watching that video without the sound on. It makes just no sense whatsoever. A strange attempt to stuff a whole short film in between shots of a “sad” singer with a perfect hairline.

It takes away the focus of the actual purpose of the video: The music. There’s isn’t even anyone singing for most of the video. It’s an attempt to win the next MTV music video awards rather then actually sharing your music in a visual medium.

There is a whole series of videos, called La Blogotheque, with singers singing their songs, sometimes all acapella as well. I enjoy those videos a hell of a lot more than anyone of the pop/soft porn videos we all watch and love on Vevo.

Now, that is a satisfying experience. The video gives you the “fly on the wall” feeling and with some HD quality and going full screen, you actually get the sense of being in the same room as them, to some level. That’s more or less what a music video is for. It is for those fans who cannot travel across country and attend the few concerts that artist is having that year. The video is also for those who are visual minded people and enjoy both music and film equally, which has an increasingly high number.

This is just two guys walking with their guitars, singing:

A few weeks ago I filmed a onetake video with a band called Comet Kid, where our intention was to focus on the music and have the camera be the “fly on the wall”, have the camera be you, the audience, in other words. The whole afternoon had a very relaxed atmosphere around it and we all enjoyed ourselves, which is something we hope will come through in the video.


Humpty Dumpty

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Apparently, on American History X, the director Tony Kaye handed to New Line a cut of the film that he was happy with, but New Line wanted it longer, so the producers of the film and Edward Norton took the film from him and reedit the film and put more of old Edward in it. This was probably an attempt to start an Oscar campaign for Edward, who did actually got a nomination that year. Because of this, Tony Kaye wanted his name taken off the film (by replacing his name with the pseudonyms Alan Smithee), but was not allowed. He then sued New Line and the Directors Guild for 200 million and demanded that his name was to be replaced with Humpty Dumpty.


A Continous Change

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People change. There is no question. People change everyday. Everyday someone, somewhere, has an epiphany and sees their life from a completely different perspective; From the outside and in. Ever been to a club and at the dance floor, when all the sudden you have an awakening where you realize just how ridiculous you look, dancing off beat? Its a strange feeling, isn’t it? So you splash some water on your face and go home. Its definitely not as bad as staying until the lights come on. What a nightmare of a sight that is.

Life events, people influencing each other and internal epiphanies completely change you as a person. Friends become enemies everyday because of this. It’s a part of a whole natural process and you should embrace it: You stand still long enough, and all the sudden you’ve spend the last 3 years starring at a wall.

5782836-stages-of-a-growing-of-the-person-from-the-child-to-the-adult copy

There are people who needs this change in their life physically punched in. They cant do it on their own. You change, there is nothing you can do. You go from either being a spectator too a participant, or from an audience to a stage actor. You go from private to public, from an enemy to a friend. From an understandable person to an asshole. This happened to me not too long ago; not that I became an asshole, but I got a changing experience physically punched into me. I experienced evil violence first-hand when 5 o’clock in the morning on my way home, a guy tried to mug me. I refused to give him my money, cause I cannot afford to provide funds for every person who asks for it. If everybody did that, I would be even more broke than what I am now. But he thought he was in a position where he had the right to take my money and got angry when I refused. So he punched me, threw me on the ground and kicked me. So I mean PHYSICALLY punched in. What changed after that was that I became more of a spectator and I started looking from the outside and in, not the other way around. I became more aware and on alert, more guarded, but also more reflected on the actions I took. I thought if karma is true, I guess I wasn’t that good as I thought, when a stranger walks up to me and punches me.

“The urban tribe is overrated. Best friends are great for giving rides to the airport, but 20-somethings who huddle together with like-minded peers limit who they know, what they know, how they think, how they speak and where they work. That new piece of capital, that new person to date almost always comes from outside the inner circle. New things come from what are called our week ties; our friends of friends of friends.” – Meg Jay

As you change, so does the stories you write. There is a reason as to why scripts go through many drafts and its exactly because of this reason. You wake up one day and read something you wrote last week and you feel divided from the text. You sit down and read it and it doesn’t relate to you anymore, so how can you be truthful to the text?

When I wrote my final film in Falmouth, I went through 14 drafts and it took me 7 months to finish it. I didn’t realize this at the time, but I did undertake a huge inner change and my priories changed as I went along that year. I became more focused, got more structure in my daily and I became more allergic to bullshit. So every week, I didn’t recognize my own draft and I rewrote the whole thing. So at the end, when it was time to shoot, a completely different film was put into the edit then what I wrote that last summer. But I was happy about it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that what I was left with was the best film ever made by anymore, but it was SOOO much better than the first draft of the script.

“Try to acquire the weird practice of savoring your mistakes, delighting in uncovering the strange quirks that led you astray. Then, once you have sucked out all the goodness to be gained from having made them, you can cheerfully set them behind you and go on to the next big opportunity. But that is not enough: you should actively seek out opportunities just so you can then recover from them.” - Daniel Dennett

So what does this prove? If we realize the changes we go though, and express them within the medium we work in, we learn a great deal from that transition and we come out “reborn” in way. We come out of it as a new person. Its hard to see yourself as someone else, but image back to when you were a child, and suddenly its not that hard after all. Where did your great castle in Scotland go?

So currently, the film I want to make now has undergone 7 drafts. I thought the script couldn’t survive anymore changes at draft 3, but how wrong I was. I do believe the script is finished now, so the trick now is to hurry up and make the film before another life-changing event dramatically changes my view on more of less everything in the world.